Welcome to Trace Micro, a pioneering technology company dedicated to delivering an array of innovative services. Founded in August 2018 by a group of like-minded professionals driven by a shared passion for technology, Trace Micro has continually evolved to meet the dynamic needs of the digital landscape.

At Trace Micro, we specialize in an expansive range of technology services, spanning from IT finances to IT engineering. Our commitment to excellence has led to the establishment of multiple subsidiary companies, each specializing in distinct domains within the tech industry.

Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum, extending from the intricate world of microcontrollers to the vast capabilities of cloud services. We pride ourselves on our ability to navigate and provide comprehensive support across this diverse technological landscape.

Excitingly, we are on the cusp of introducing a groundbreaking financial project that embodies our commitment to innovation and advancement in the field. This new endeavor represents our dedication to pushing the boundaries and exploring new frontiers in technology and finance.

At Trace Micro, our team is united by a relentless pursuit of technological excellence and a customer-centric approach. We prioritize understanding and meeting the unique requirements of our clients, ensuring tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Join us on this journey as we continue to redefine possibilities in technology, offering unparalleled services and solutions that empower businesses and individuals alike.

-trace Micro

Our Vision

"Since our inception in 2018, Trace Micro has remained steadfast in our vision: to empower individuals both personally and professionally by providing honest, integral support in understanding and troubleshooting the technology they rely on. Our commitment extends beyond mere service provision; it's a dedication to fostering a deeper comprehension of technology, enabling seamless integration and troubleshooting with unwavering honesty and integrity."